About Moi!

Wow, i love the image above. Red and black are my two faovurite colours and i love roses aswell.

Anyway…. I’m Mikki, i’m 14 years old and this is my blog.

The reason i chose my username is because 1. My nicknames are Mikki and Mick and 2. My sign is scoprio, creative huh? ^^

I love anime and manga and my life usually revovled around them too. I enjoy writing and drawing and i’m a bookworm aswell. I mostly read vampire stories for some reason, i wouldn’t class myself as goth but i just love vampire/romance novels! My favourites being Twilight, The Vampire Diaries and Vampirates.

I spend a lot of time on the computer and watch a lot of anime on it, my favourite anime is Shugo Chara and it contains my favourite anime couple AmuXIkuto. Ah… Ikuto. (Begins having fangirl fantasies)

Ironically one of the characters in this anime is called Miki, one of my nicknames is Mikki and although there’s a one letter difference i believe that is fate. It must be a sign that Shugo Chara is the anime for me! Not only that but the character loves to draw just like me! Coincidence? I think not!

My personality is very light-hearted, most of my friends compare me to a girl called Pudding off another anime called Tokyo Mew Mew. So basically i’m an immature, hyper, light-hearted, friendly and active girl. And that is all true. Iam very immature especially, i act more like a ten year old lol.

That’s all i’m going to say for now, i’ll just add another picture which i think looks most like me. I have long brown hair and blue eyes so it’s a fair comparison. The only few differences is that my hair is slightly darker and maybe a few inches shorter, i would probably never be seen in this pose and especially these clothes and finally i am, i regret to say, not as cute as this adorable anime girl. ^^


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